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Hanging by a Fred - About Us

Hanging by a Fred was inspired by my father (the original Freddie Matthews) and his lifelong love of climbing.  Sadly, he is no longer with us as he died in February 2015 after a short battle with Cancer.

Amongst some of the treasures he left behind was a collection of beautiful climbing rope.  Not being able to throw away these things that held such fond memories I decided to investigate ways to upcycle them in a creative fashion, to make mementos for loved ones. I wove a lovely mat for myself, and a selection of bowls for my family.

Seeing the amazing results I could achieve with this, largely unused material, I looked at designing a range of jewellery.  Friends commented on how unusual these pieces were, and suggested I looked at going into business for myself. This idea became a plan, the plan became a reality, and here we are.

Hanging by a Fred now creates a wide variety of items from upcycled retired climbing rope for him, for her and for the home…as well as for our furry four legged friends.  We are continually developing new ranges, so watch this space!

Image of David Freddie Matthews, the inspiration behind Hanging by a Fred
Rope Donations If you have any retired climbing rope at home, I would love to speak to you about donating it. Contact Us

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